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Questions and answers

All bus transports will go to and from Kukkolaforsen, Haparanda City Hotel and Park Hotel Tornio.

At these hotels you have special rates if you state that you attend the International Sauna Congress.

Haparanda Stadshotell
They prefer Telephone:    +46 (0)922-614 90

Park Hotel Tornio

Kukkolaforsen Tourism & Conference Ltd

Haparanda/Tornio Tourist Office

Gränsresor Travel Agency in Haparanda

Finnair Booking

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  • Kimmo Raitio • 2 april 2018 10:23:42
    Hello, where is this congress held? At Stadshotell?

    br Kimmo
  • The congress will be on Lappari in Torneå.
    It is 2.6 km between Haparanda City Hotel and Lappari.
    There will be buses between Haparanda City Hotel and Lappari in Tornio. It takes about 7 minutes.

    2 april 2018 14:16:11

  • Mark Timmerman • 8 november 2017 16:04:10
    I will be traveling from the US. Do you have recommendations on best airports or trains to use to get to the conference? Many thanks
  • Hello Mark
    and all the rest of you who will travel to Haparanda / Torneå.
    The best part is to travel by air. Nearest is Kemi in Finland approx. 30 minutes from Haparanda / Torneå. We also have Luleå in Sweden which is approx. 1 h and 40 min from Haparanda / Torneå.
    If you stay longer than the congress, I recommend that you rent a car. The communications are not what they should be up here in the north. If you rent a car, you can enjoy more of the landscape here in the north.
    Welcome to Midnight sun and sauna.

    9 november 2017 10:42:25

  • Roger Häggström • 10 april 2017 17:14:25
    Is there a bus from Tornio to Kukkolaforsen, and if so what times they go.
  • Yes. It will go buses, times will come later.

    22 juni 2017 13:09:00

Transport to Congress
We have four airports around us and two routes to Europe and the world via Stockholm or Helsinki. The airports are in Luleå(Lulea), Kemi, Rovaniemi and Oulu.
SAS and Norwegian goes to Lulea and Finnair to Kemi, Rovaniemi and Oulu.  
The best way to travel around in Swedish and Finish Lapland is to rent a car. The traffic is very calm and you may meet some reindeers. Transfer can also be arranged.

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