Mobile Sauna Meet

Those who signed up for Mobile Sauna Meet are:

Håkan Ershammar with a TGB30, The vehicle is originally a heavy military terrain truck.

Mobiba, Worlds most portable sauna. 
We will show two saunas and a bath tub.

Teuvan Saunaparaati Saunan turvajoukot
Rapid Zil Finnish Sauna Force - "May the Sauna Force be with You"
Army tent for 15 persons beside and (army)cable-cartrailer.

National Bath Association
Barrel Banya
Lenght : 5,5 m
Diameter: 2,4 m
Hoven: Wood heated

National Bath Association
Tent Banya
Diameter: 6 m
Hoven: Wood heated


Now you have the chance to introduce yourself.  
Please NOTE! Limited number of places available.
In conjunction with the XVII International Sauna Congress 2018, an exhibition, "Mobile Sauna Meet", will be held at Kukkolaforsens Camping, where there will be an exhibition space available with no cost to participants. (If you want to attend the Congress, you must register.)
An exhibition of mobile saunas in different styles, where creativity has free interpretation.
There the congress jury will be able to vote for their favourite.
Each exhibitor must fill in an information sheet about their sauna.
Name of owner, company
Ev. name of the sauna
Manufacturing year
Which type of sauna oven
A concise description of the sauna and why you should vote for it.
The possibility to try the sauna gives extra points.

Water and electricity are available nearby.
Winning contributions will be awarded in a prize ceremony, the evening of Saturday, June 9th
All participants will be awarded a diploma.