"Open Sauna Day" on Sunday June 10.

During the meeting, 8-9 June, all the saunas in Kukkolaforsen will be open for the participants and Sunday
10 June will be an “open sauna day” for all interested.

Whisking program at Kukkolaforsen

Whisking program at the XVII International Sauna Congress

The program is designed to fulfill the different needs from newbies to experienced whiskers.
Whisking is on Saturday at. 14-18 for congress participants included in the fee.
                                                   On Sunday there is whispering for a fee for anyone who wants to.

Theoretical presentations (dry and cold)
Sauna conference room
14.00-14.20 Rimas Kavaliauskas. „Reasonable whisking techniques. Clacification.“ Truth and myths about                                 whisking. Live illustration during presentation.
14.20-14.25 Questions, discussion.
14.25-14.40 Vasily Liachov „Traditional use of honey in banya“
14.40-15.55 Rimas Kavaliauskas „Sauna for whisking. Design and microlimate.“ Comprehensive study of                                    sauna factors that affect whisking. Quality smoke sauna oven. Microclimate analysis.
14.55 – 15.00 Questions, discussion.

Group procedures.
Sauna hot room
14.00-14.30 Whisk preparation and self whisking basics. Rolandas Lukšta, Romas Žekonis. Lithuanian bath                               academy students.
14.30-14.50 Self whisking group training. Darius Narvilas, Lithuanian bath academy.
14.50-15.00 Brake. Sauna preparation. Questions ans anwers about whisks.

Live presentations (humid and hot)
Main sauna room
15.00-15.15 Whisk degustation. Understanding sensations in whisking. Birute Masiliauskiene, Lithuanian                                bath academy.
15.20-15.35 Clasical whisking. Giedrius Gervys, Lithuanian bath academy.
15.40-16.00 Four round whisking. Vasily Liachov, Liachov bath school
16.00-16.15 Traditional herbal body wash. Giedrius Gervys, Lithuanian bath academy.
16.15-16.20 Technical brake. Sauna cleaning. Questions and anwers about whisking.
16.30-17.00 Modern sauna aromatherapy and whisking session. Demonstration - Rimas Kavaliauskas.                                         Assistance and work with public: Darius Narvilas, Giedrius Gervys, Birute Masiliauskiene,                                         Rolandas Lukšta.

Individual whisking sessions and tryouts
17.00-17.40 Joint international whisking team shows and lets you experience: light whisking, intense                                           whisking, fito massage. Vasily Liachov, Giedrius Gervys, Darius Narvilas, Rolandas Lukšta,                                       Romas Žekonis.

By the sauna.
17.40-18.00 Learning whisking. Problems in whisking. Best bath masters answer your questions.

Rimas Kavaliauskas
The head of Lithuanian Bath Academy

Russian Banya at Kukkolaforsen.

On Friday evening and on Saturday between 13.00 and 18.00, in Kukkolaforsen there is an opportunity to attend a presentation of the Russian Banya with Egor and his team.
Mr. Andrei and Mr. Gennady are going to make a speech and a masterclass on the following topics:
1. History of the Russian Banya - Required a TV/Monitor with a microphone (1.30 h)
Traditions, culture, rituals of the populations of Russia
2. Practical use of the Veniki and herbs in the Russian Banya - Required a table and a microphone (1h)
Health through the herbs and veniki
3. Basics of the healthy treatments in the banya - Required a massage table (40 min)
Masterclass for the use of the veniki in the banya
The people that are going to participate in the event are:
 Aleksei Tytsko - he will perform single person treatments
 Pyetr Yevstignyeyev - he will perform collective treatment for many people
 Andrei Andreev and Gennady Bartukhin - They will give a presentation and a theoretical inside of the Russian Banyatraditions and treatments