Saturday June 9. Workshops

Room xx Room xy Room xz
09.00 sv. time  WS 1 WS 2 WS 3
09.30 sv. time  WS 4 WS 5 WS 6
10.00 sv. time  Coffee and cake
10.30 sv. time  WS 7 WS 8 WS 9
11.00 sv. time WS 10 WS 11 WS 12

11.30 sv. time  - Lunch (Jūratė Paškevičienė , Lithuania                                                                  and Kenneth Mikko,  Swe)
Workshop 1-12
WS 1       Design of the Finnish Sauna: Five Mysteries for Future                                    Research, Lassi Likkanen, Fin
WS 2      Building a mobile smoke sauna Michael Besnier Jensen, Den
WS 3      “Sauna as Subversion". Sofia Eriksson, Australia
WS 4      Discussion on standards for a sauna lab (health studies)
                Hans Hägglund, Swe and Jari Laukkannen and Jani Leskinen,                    Fin.
WS 5      The truth behind the sauna mystique. Ulf Salomonsson, Swe
WS 6      Sauna as part of a radical inclusion and as a place for connect.                       Saara Louhensalo, Fin

WS 7      Rituals and rules in Russia banya. Anna Artemieva, Rus

WS 8      Trends and innovations of sweat rituals with aufguss.
                  Lasse Eriksen, Nor
WS 9      Whisking in SPA: to be or not to be? And Whisks in Lithuanian                   bath: plants, types, conservation, Birutė Masiliauskienė,                                  Lithuania
WS 10    Sauna Culture in Japan, Katsuki Tanaka, Japan, (Translation                       Mr. Kim)
WS 11     Finnish RT standard sheets, and renewed smoke sauna sheet, a                    guide for design and construction of  traditional smoke saunas                   in accordance with Finnish tradition. Risto Elomaa, Fin and
                 Markku Seppänen, Fin.
WS 12    Bodies of Water - Approaches to Gender in Sauna and Bath,                           Jesce Walz, USA